Dr. Caroline Houlihan-Burne


Appointments are 1 hour long. It is variable how many sessions an individual may need. Some people have one session, more usual is 2-3 whilst some have more with top ups from time to time. It is very individual and Caroline tends to advise having the first session and keeping an open mind before committing to more sessions.

Caroline records the hypnotherapy during the session so that it can be listened to again at home which helps with reinforcement.

Caroline works from her home in Buckinghamshire and also at One Stop Doctors in Hemel Hempstead HP2 7YU (www.onestopdoctors.co.uk)

Appointments are £150 per session and are fully payable at the end of each session. Payment at One Stop Doctors is by credit/debit card whilst for appointments at home, Caroline accepts cash, cheque or bank transfer.