Dr. Caroline Houlihan-Burne


"Through hypnotherapy Caroline significantly helped my daughter stop her tip-toe walking. After years of little improvement the whole issue was calmed down to a level where progress could steadily be made. Delighted with the gentle approach"

SD, Chesham


"Just wanted to send you an email to update you about my orals. I have now finished both my French and Italian and I felt both went really well! I can't even tell you how much your support helped me. I was even helping my other friends stay calm before the orals, which is such a change for me! My Italian teacher even made a comment after my oral to tell me that she could not recognize me in comparison to last year's oral where I completely froze up because of nerves.

This is such a big change in me, I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for all your help. It feels so wonderful to be able to put stress aside and be able to excel in my work as I do put all the work in, and my stress was simply holding me back"

email from A level student, CS, London


"This year has been particularly stressful for me so when I visited Caroline for stress related issues she asked me to consider hypnotherapy. In the past, I've had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with another therapist and found I was receptive to it.

Caroline has been my GP for many years so I have complete trust in her. She has a very calming approach to her sessions and she made me feel very relaxed. Afterwards, I felt amazing and now I try to practice my self-hypnosis techniques she taught me whenever I start to feel stressed. I would definitely recommend Caroline to anyone considering hypnotherapy."

VB, Penn


"I couldn't believe what a massive help it was when Caroline helped me with something recently. I have never really believed hypnotherapy could work, but it was the lifeline I needed to help me go and do something I was terrified of! Caroline was brilliant at putting me at my ease and talking through the problem before hypnotising me. It worked wonders and I would definitely go back if I needed to crack another fear or worry at any future stage."



"Having suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years, my doctor prescribed methotrexate to arrest the disease. The condition practically disappeared although the side effect of this caused a two day period of nausea which I endured weekly. As the disease modification drug was such a success I had no choice but to deal with the side effect.

The nausea evolved into dread and spread into many aspects of my life. The day I took the drug I would not plan any enjoyable activities for the fear of the nausea: this usually resulted in feeling low in mood too. I started to fear the feeling that the nausea provoked almost as much as the nausea itself. Anti-sickness medication that was supposed to aid the nausea just seemed to exacerbate the feeling of nausea.

I had heard of hypnotherapy to assist with common addictions such as smoking cessation of smoking and weight loss and had been to a number of sessions with another practitioner. Her experience seemed minimal and treated me in the same bracket as an eating disorder, and needless to say did not impact on any aspect of my nausea.

Having heard of Caroline being a hypnotherapist with a medical background I decided to give it another go but with minimal expectations!

Once the history was taken, all I did was lie back and enjoy what appeared to be a little relaxing sleep. Having woken up refreshed from my "power nap", Caroline discussed ways of making small adjustments to my life to promote the positive aspects the drug had provided.

I think I had three sessions and started to notice the change after about 4 weeks. I can't say the nausea has completely disappeared , but it is certainly reduced and manageable. I no longer dread taking the drug nor do I feel low about the experience of taking it.

I think the success of Caroline's treatment has been largely influenced by her medical knowledge regarding the disease and medication. The ability to design the unique package specifically for my symptoms around the background of the disease has been hugely beneficial to me. I feel her compassion and eagerness to alleviate the side effect has been tremendous. Her support and encouragement has been incredible and I am truly grateful for making those days of the week normal again."

JK, Beds.


"My partner and I had been trying for a baby for a while with no luck. My main purpose in life was to be a mum and nothing else came close. I was petrified that there could be something wrong and it may not ever happen.

We both started having tests when I decided to also try hypnotherapy. I saw Caroline and during this time we went through lots of things. Knowing Caroline is also a Dr really helped my confidence in her.

She completely relaxed me and during my time with her I felt so comfortable in her capable hands.

Caroline said lots of many different things during my hour (whilst I lay there relaxed with me eyes closed) but two things that she said to me which stuck was "have confidence in your body that you can do this" and "focus on what you want not what you don't want"

These 2 sentences stuck with me especially the second one as all I kept thinking about was "I don’t think I can have children"

After our session, Caroline kindly e-mailed me the recording of our time and each night I went to bed listening to it.

Throughout the days every time I had a negative thought I was able to turn them into positives and I would remember the 2 sentences Caroline said to me.

Just 2 weeks later I did a positive pregnancy test. Apart from my partner, Caroline was the first person I told because I was so happy.

Then came a new fear "what if I miscarry". I met with Caroline again and like last time she emailed me the recording we did during me session.

I knew Caroline wouldn't be able to stop a miscarriage if it was to happen but what she helped with was me not spending all day everyday constantly worrying about it.

Once again came the 2 sentences which changed my life. "Have confidence in your body and focus on what you want not what you don't want.

Every night I would go to bed and listen to my recording. I started to believe in myself and my body and I'm sitting here having written this at 31 weeks pregnant.

I could never have done this without Caroline. I managed to turn my fears into positive thinking and was able to enjoy my pregnancy.

If I have anything that I'm worried about again in the future I won't even waste my time trying to sort it I will just contact Caroline.

I can't recommend Caroline enough, my whole outlook on life changed and I know apart from my partner Caroline played an important part in me achieving my dream."

LS, Hertfordshire


"I believe that success is measured on feedback.

Well, I'm happy to say that meeting with you has been a success!

I feel a lot happier with myself. I'm not getting stressed with my tinnitus anymore, which means the family are also not getting stressed.

All this week, I have been on a phased return to work. When I get home, I relax and put on your recording of our session. It really helps having it with me all the time. I need to start taking control of my life again. You have done your bit, the rest is up to me now.  That includes going out running again. Who knows, I might even run another Marathon!!"

Many thanks for all your help.

KS, Chesham, Bucks


"Thanks so much for your help. He did use his thumb and finger squeeze at one point during the verbal reasoning and said it really helped. He is also crediting you with him scoring 4 goals in his last football game!"

Email from mother of 10 year old seen for hypnotherapy for pre 11+ nerves.


"I just wanted to let you know about my A level results! 3 A's and an A*! I was literally so ecstatic receiving those results and I can only say that I am just so grateful for your help. My anxiety and exam stress now seems like a manageable task, something I can quell and deal with. Thank you so so so much for your help. I'm now entering the new academic year at university feeling confident and happy :)"

Email from A level student seen for exam nerves.


"I came to see Caroline for a snake phobia that had blighted my life for as long as I can remember – even seeing the word ‘snake’ would make me recoil in horror. Two relaxing hypnotherapy sessions later, I was able to go into a reptile house for the first time in my life and calmly look at all the snakes in there. I came out feeling euphoric - I can’t thank Caroline enough!"

40 year old woman with life long snake phobia.


"We've had success! All week going to sleep on her own and she had a sleepover at a friends on Saturday. Not scared and very excited about the residential trip. I don't think we need Thursdays appointment! Can't thank you enough!"

LP, 9 year old unable to go to sleep without her mother present.


"M has one more exam to go, but I wanted to say that during the last 2 weeks since he saw you, he has been a different boy. He has coped well with all of the GCSE exams and is much more positive about the outcome. Whatever you did...it worked.
Thanks so much"

MA, 16 year old GCSE student.


"Just to say thank you so much, you have changed my life and I am starting to feel normal again now I am sleeping. You are a star and I will not hesitate in recommending you to anyone."

WH, Chalfont St Peter - 4 years of difficulty in sleeping.


"Having seen many so called mental health specialists than I care to remember, Caroline has proved to be by far the best. Not only during a session will she completely relax you but action plans for continued stress relief are discussed which I have subsequently put into place and are already starting to reap the benefits.

Hypnosis is part of the treatment which is intended to get into your subconscious. You find that apart from feeling relaxed after a session, you feel no different at all. However over the last few weeks, I have started to put my action plans into place and have stuck with them. It is a very subtle treatment. I have many vices and also high stress levels so Caroline has very much had an uphill struggle with me! Bearing in mind that my treatment is starting to work, a hypnotherapy session with Caroline would be my strongest recommendation. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Caroline records the sessions we have so I can play them back to myself when I feel the need. I no longer need sleeping pills as I play Caroline’s recordings when I go to bed and, not that she is boring (!), I normally find I am asleep before the recording finishes and if I wake up later in the night I simply play it again.

I get plenty of exercise but it was brain relaxation which was missing and this is what I needed to work on."

JC Chesham, Bucks


"Having been a yo-yo dieter all my life, I finally realized the only way to combat my weight problem was to alter my thinking patterns. It actually takes courage to talk to someone honestly about what you eat but with Caroline there is no judgement, just empathy and gentle understanding and a desire to create the relevant, personalized positive outcome.

Following my session of hypnotherapy I have so far lost 8kg, and although it is difficult to explain how or why, I do not feel that I am on a diet. I feel hopeful for the first time that I can be the person I choose to be and am steadily working towards that goal, knowing that Caroline is there to support me at any time in the future should I need it."

CR, Hayes, Middlesex


"Thank you for all the help you have given me. I play your recording every evening and already I am feeling the benefit in that I am sleeping for much longer periods at night. Also in the last few days I am much more focused and positive about moving forward with my life and am putting definite plans in place."

DB, High Wycombe


"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you! I flew last night with the kids on my own and I was amazed at how strong I felt! A few butterflies as we began to taxi out to the runway but I was able to visualise the beach, the pool and myself there enjoying it all! I was completely calm and was able to laugh with the kids as they always do as the wheels left the ground! The flight was great and even when we landed I didn't have that overwhelming feeling of thank god we made it! I have also really coped with my anxiety about my husband flying separately and now just can't wait for him to be here rather than my usual fear that he is in the air, so definitely a calmer happier me!

Thank you for listening and helping me beat this daft and irrational fear!"

Fear of flying - Anon, Chesham, Bucks


"Many thanks for seeing me and for sending the disc. I have noticed a striking improvement in my mood and a definite and welcome change in sleep pattern. My dreams have turned into good news stories on the whole and indeed today I awoke with an image of a very good friend being awarded a Nobel prize, as far as I know this will not be reality but who knows!"

ES, London


"SUCCESS! Made it to India and back again without any problem. Felt a little queasy just towards the end of each flight but other than that it was all good.

Thanks ever so much for your help."

58 year old with vomiting on long haul flights, Bucks.


"We are at the end of a magical holiday in Canada and I wanted to say a huge thank you for the hypnotherapy you did for my son! In addition to kayaking on lakes and rivers, he has swum in the sea, been out to sea on fast zodiacs looking at gray whales and coastal bears as well as zip wiring upside down very, very high over rapids, rivers and creeks!!
He shows none of the fear he used to and the only thing different is the work he did with you. I did play the recording a few times to him but nothing else.

So thank you very very much!!"

8 year old with fear of water, Bucks.


"Thank you so much again for spending the time with me the other day. I really enjoyed it and have been listening to my recordings at night and actually finding i'm having a really restful sleep and waking up naturally a bit earlier. Noticed i am more relaxed at the shows in my riding as well, big show this week so it will be very interesting to see the progress."

24 year old with sleep problems and performance anxiety


"I am sitting outside the hospital having just done the MRI! I am so amazed that I got through it. I don't think I would have achieved it without the hypnotherapy. I have been listening to the session everyday and was able to recall it during the MRI.

Thanks for all your help."

32 year old with fear of MRI


"I thought that I would update you on my daughter. She is 17 days in and no thumb sucking. We cannot quite believe it, nor can she I think! I have checked with the school and whilst she still bites her nails (something we will tackle a bit later on) no thumb sucking at all. She has listened to the recording only half a dozen times but seems to not need it which is amazing."

EG, 8 year old thumb sucker, Bucks


"Just to say that my sleep pattern has improved and although I have woken during the night twice I have fallen back to sleep on both occasions. I do, as well, feel calmer and less pressured.

Thank you for improvements so far....sadly if they continue I won't have the pleasure of meeting you again."

62 year old with sleep problems


"Just thought you'd like to know that I went along to my dental appointment this morning and was fine. I listened to your recording last night and again this morning as you advised. Whilst I certainly had a slight sensation of butterflies in the stomach today, I felt an overriding sense of calm which helped me to maintain control of the situation.

I also took your advice and spoke to the dentist about my worries and he reassured me that he'd administered over 50,000 local anaesthetics and had never had anyone experience an adverse reaction. He then continued to chat to me about all sorts whilst he was giving the injection which took my mind off it. The root canal did prove to be tricky (a wisdom tooth), but I was able to stay composed even despite being very numb.

Don't think I could have done that a few days ago, so I'm very grateful to you. I will continue listening to the recording - I'm sure it will help me just generally when I'm feeling anxious. I have a second root canal appointment next tues, which I hope will be the last one for this tooth. I definitely think it would be a good idea to visit you again as this has proved to be so effective for me."

58 year old lady with dental phobia


"My coughing reduced dramatically very, very quickly after I saw you. It was really amazing. I do still cough from time to time, but the tickle at the back of my throat which had been driving me demented just went.... practically straight away. It is a huge relief!

I didn't know how long to keep listening to the recording, because I didn't want to become dependent on it, so I stepped it down to alternate nights. Now I don't need to use it to get to sleep at all, but in the last few weeks there have been some stressful episodes with my Dad, and I have felt myself becoming more "wound up", so I have used the recording again, sometimes in the daytime, and sometimes at night, and it just seems to calm me down and take the edge off my heightened reactivity.

So all in all, I'm amazed and delighted at the difference just one session has made. Thank-you so much!

AB age 55 lady bothered by a cough for 20 years


I just wanted to let you know, that thanks to your hypnotherapy session with M** she went into her next exam confidently and passed with 94%.

18 year old with exam nerves


Following on from a hypnotherapy session with you three weeks ago I just wanted to thank you for your help with my musical tinnitus. The music is still there but it bothers me much less and I am often able to forget about.
With many thanks

77 year old lady with tinnitus